BAJA 800 is student level off road dual seater buggy design challenge. BAJA 800 is a
design challenge where all the participating teams will be designing and fabricating a
dual seater Buggy. Designing a Buggy will be a daunting task and you need a hand on
experience to design it keeping in mind all the various factors that come under way in
the dynamic behaviour that vehicle manifests. Buggy is generally a lightweight
automobile with off-road capabilities and sparse bodywork and it’s built from scratch.
Participating teams have to ensure that vehicle has extreme off road capabilities as
BAJA 800 track is going to be toughest ever in the student design challenge category.
We have a thick technical team comprising of 25 technical experts from various reputed
industries throughout the nation who will extend their experience to guide you in this
journey. Our technical team will make sure that all the teams get all the required
assistance to give a tough competition to each other.

This design challenge is a limited entry contest. Up to 40 teams will be allowed to take
part in this design challenge. All the other teams will be kept in wait list and if any of the
registered team backs off from the event, the wait listed teams will be given a confirmed
slot for participating. The wait listed teams will be given adequate time to complete all
the formalities.

1. Registration Process

1.1. Registration for this design challenge would be done through online registration mode. The registration portal will be open 24 hours during the registration phase. Those who will have problems in registering online shall get in touch with the organizing team through mail or telecom.

1.2. Participant of the team must fill a form that is uploaded on the website for getting themselves registered. Once the registration form is submitted, team shall make payment towards registration within scheduled dates. The teams, which fail to make the payment within this stipulated time frame, will be ruled out from the design challenge.

1.3. Mode of Payment

1.3.1. The registered teams can make their payment through the following modes: Online via Net Banking or Offline via bank deposit modes. The payment details will be sent to the Team Captain and Team Manager after the successful registration of the team.

Note: No other payment mode apart from this will be entertained. Team Registration and Requirement

1.4. A team must have an official Team Name and Team Logo.

1.5. Team members: Team shall consist of 20 members. Apart from that if a team is required to add more member then they will be considered as Extra Member. Teams need to pay an amount of 2500 INR per extra member. All the privileges and facilities for members and extra members is same. All the extra members will be provided with the certificates. Just for the administration purpose and registration the term Extra Member is used. There is no upper limit of addition of extra members.

1.6. Registration amount for a team of 20 members is 29,500 INR.

1.7. Participating members of a team must belong to one group of college/institution. The participating team members must be pursuing an engineering degree or engineering diploma. 2019 pass out students are eligible to take part in this design challenge.

1.8. A team must designate one team captain, one team manager, two drivers, two navigator and minimum one and maximum two faculty advisors.

1.9. The following information is required to be provided during the registration process.

Team Captain’s Name and Contact information (Valid Email ID and Phone Number)

Team Manager’s Name and Contact information (Valid Email ID and Phone Number)

Faculty Advisor’s Name and Contact information (Valid official Email ID and Phone Number)

2. Driver: Each team will be allowed to register only 2 drivers. Not more than 2 drivers will be entertained.

3 . Driver Age: Both the drivers representing the team must be of 18 years or more in age.

4. Driving License: Both the drivers must possess a valid four-wheeler Driver’s License issued by State Transport Authorities in India (International team drivers must possess valid License of their respective countries). Learner’s Driving License will not be entertained. If any driver participating in the event comes to the venue with a Learner’s Driving License, the driver will be ruled out. Drivers have to carry their original Driving License copy during the final event.

5. Driver’s Medical Insurance: Both the drivers must possess a medical insurance, valid for 30 days post the final event, which also covers accidental claims.

6. Faculty Advisor: One participating team may assign 2 faculty advisors. The assigned faculty advisor may give their respective team inputs on project management. Faculty advisors are not allowed to involve directly in the manufacturing or fabrication process. It is not mandatory for the faculty advisor to accompany their respective teams to the final round venue.

General Rules, Acceptance and Organizer’s Authorities

1. Every participant should follow the rules and regulations provided in BAJA 800 Conduction Book. In case of failure, Team/Participant is liable to be penalized accordingly. Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers/ BAJA 800 officials reserves the right to debar the team at any stage and withdraw the award(s), if any secured by the team/individual.

2. Validity of the Rules: The rules and regulations provided in the BAJA 800 Conduction Book and Technical Rule book will be valid and remain same throughout the Design Challenge. Any amendments made in the BAJA 800 Conduction Book and Technical Rule book to resolve any loopholes perceived or any alterations in the BAJA 800 calendar will be conveyed to the team account, through emails and news on website and an updated BAJA 800 Conduction Book and Technical Rule book will be uploaded on the website. It is the responsibility of the team captain/ team manager to keep updated with the amendments made.

3. Rule Compliance: By registering for BAJA 800 the Team, participants, faculty advisor and other personnel of the college/university (involved in the project) shall agree to comply with, and abide by rules and all rule interpretations or procedures issued or announced by FMAE. All the team members, faculty advisors and other university representatives are required to cooperate with and follow all the instructions provided/informed by the organizers, Judges and representative officials of FMAE/BAJA 800.

4. Right to Impound: Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers (FMAE) or BAJA 800 officials reserves the right to impound any onsite registered Vehicle at any time during competition for the inspection and examination. If any team found to be assisted by any professional directly or indirectly to complete the project, then the organizing committee of BAJA 800 or FMAE officials reserves right to impound the vehicle permanently and will not be released to the team event after the event. In such case, no member of the team, faculty advisor or management of the respective college reserves no right to request for releasing the impounded vehicle even after the event.

5. Withdrawal Notification: Any team that withdraws their participation from the Design Challenge shall send an official letter to the event manager of BAJA 800. The letter shall be approved by faculty advisor and sealed by the college management. Upon withdrawal from the event, any fee paid for the registration of the team, extra member registration, etc., is nonrefundable.

6 Replacement or changes in team members

6.1. Any registered team can replace the Team Captain, Team Manager, Drivers and Faculty Advisor only once during the entire event tenure on/before the scheduled date communicated through the event calendar. To process the changes in team, the existing Designated member has to write a letter to the event manager of BAJA 800 by mentioning details of the respective replacing member.

6.2. Every registered team can change/replace their team once before the final event as per the schedule communicated in the event calendar.

6.3 All the teams have to submit their respective team member details before the final event for the verification process which includes the complete details of the participant as asked by the organizers and copy of valid college id card along with one government id proof. All the participants are strictly advised to carry to the original college id card and the government id proof at final event site for the registration process. Anyone who will not be carrying these will not be allowed to enter the final event site.

7. Communication

7.1 All the official announcements and information will be conveyed through our official website, team account and e-mails. It is the responsibility of the Team captain/ Team manager to keep themselves and the team updated with the information that is portrayed through e-mails, notifications on website and social media. Below mentioned are the links of our official website and official social media pages. Website : E-mail ID :