Venue – FMAE Moto Park, Hyderabad

Final Event Dates – MARCH, 2021

It feels immensely great to release the track map and track layout of the sub category events/endurance. The official expert team of the dynamic steering committee is working very hard in designing and finalizing the track, probably this season we are going to put the most challenging track.

It’s 150 acres of rockin’ Track/hospitality deep in the Hyderabad Northwoods. Grass, forest and a huge granite pit surround the most revered off-road track in India. There is simply no other place like it on earth. The 40 % of the track area is rocky and 30 % is full of vegetation. The Track also includes three big lakes in between, although the Lakes are not included in the endurance test, there is a probability to include one of the lakes in Suspension Test considering the water level and safety of the driver. It seems to be the kick of challenge for all the buggies to go through those lakes.

From the recent discussion of the panel, it is also being noticed that soon the committee is going to release the track wise details regarding the sub categories event like Brakes, Acceleration, Maneuverability, Suspension and other dynamic event with real time pictures for the better preparation and correct situation handling/analyzing.

It’s been sure that the drivers and the team have to come well prepared to face the ultimate difficult track conditions.  Considering this situation, FMAE BAJA 800 Management Committee is going to provide all the facility required to make the student very much comfortable onsite.

We are soon going to release more details regarding the event. Keep in touch.

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